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 The Will-Burt Company, along with its subsidiaries GEROH and ITS, offer a broad selection of mobile telescopic masts, lattice towers and accessories to elevate a variety of critical payloads. Each family of elevation solutions is designed and manufactured with a unique set of characteristics tuned to optimize payload performance and meet the most stringent performance criteria. The Will-Burt Company emphasizes mobility thus also offering high performance tactical trailers. Applications include military, civil defense, oil and gas, telecommunications, and construction sectors.

The ability of Will-Burt to deliver superior elevation solutions is attributed to its worldwide leadership in the industry for over 30 years. Teams of experienced research and development engineers, design engineers and ISO 9001:2008 quality systems certified manufacturing experts are backed by a sales support structure focused on delivering the correct customer solution on time, every time.

The Will-Burt Company offers several types of masts.


The revolutionary Will-Burt Stiletto carbon fiber composite, electro-mechanical mast features the best combination of high strength, low weight and great stability in the industry. With its low nested height and small space claim, Stiletto is the lightweight mobile solution for applications requiring rapid automatic deployment, maximum reliability and high directional pointing accuracy. Read more here.

Pneumatic Locking Masts

Will Burt’s locking pneumatic masts are ideal for military communications, elevated testing and mobile radar applications. When a mast deployment is needed for extended periods, locking collars allow the mast to remain extended indefinitely without air pressure. Find the specifications here.

KVL and KVR Telescopic Masts

The family of light duty GEROH Telescopic Crank Masts is characterized by lightweight construction in addition to superior stability, reliability and long life. The KVL and KVR mast systems are in use in commercial applications and military such as communications testing, surveillance and lighting and are designed for vehicle, trailer, shelter or field deployment. The mast sections consists of close tolerance precision mast profiles which ensure precise pointing accuracy. Safe deployment and retraction is assured, even with ice or heavy wind conditions. Read more about KVL  and KVR.

SPM Spindle Drive Mast

Will-Burt Spindle Mast Systems are developed for the highest requirements in precision and heavy payloads. The spindle drive system guarantees environmental independent operation – also in extreme inclines.

High precision with very close tolerances is guaranteed by our specially machined aluminium mast sections. For this reason the SPM masts are optimized for optical / electronic intelligence, monitoring and target recognition as as electronic warfare systems.

The Family of GEROH Telescopic Spindle Masts is used by the German Army and other international forces to enhance capabilities like communication, security, surveillance, reconnaissance and detection of targets throughout the battlefield. Read more here.

Expedition Series

The Expedition Series tripod and mast are constrcuted of carbon composite material, making the system lighter than aluminium (easier to transport and deploy), stronger and more durable, stiffer and more stable with payloads, quicker to set-up and retract, and easier to transport. Read more here.


Whether your program requires a commercial off-the-shelf solution or a highly engineered customized product, The Will-Burt Company has the experience, design know-how and manufacturing capabilities to meet your unique requirements.

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Telescopic mast for telecommunications by The Will Burt Company
Telescopic communications tower by Will-Burt