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SKB Cases

SKB Cases is a world-renowned company based in the US making injection mould, roto-mould, and vacuum form cases to the highest military and industry standards. SKB Cases excels in providing the ultimate protection for sensitive equipment including munitions and ammunitions, electronics, communications, drones, telecoms, personal equipment, field medical kits, server racks, maintenance tooling/FOD management, shadow boards, hunting guns, sports equipment, sights/scope storage, explosives. and MIL-STD-810F / MIL-STD 648C.

SKB Cases iSeries 3614 Double Rifle Case
How It Started?

In 1977, two ambitious college students developed the first SKB case in a small Anaheim, California garage. Today, the still family owned business is known around the world as the leading innovator and manufacturer of the finest cases for all manner of protection.

The SKB Difference
  • ● 2.8 times stronger than competition
  • ● Waterproof and dust tight with a military grade submersible design to IP67
  • ● Resistant to impact damage, UV, solvents, corrosion, and fungus as per MIL-STD-810F
  • ● Virgin materials: Lightweight – the lightest product in its category on the market
  • ● Patented trigger latches. Key locking TSA versions available
  • ● Cheaper than competitors

SKB Cases MEA was established in 2016 with headquarters in Dubai and a UAE based manufacturing facility. The proximity of the manufacturing facility considerably reduces the lead times and costs especially for high volume orders.

Moreover, the standard case models can be complimented by customized internal foam arrangements supplied via Dubai. There is also the option of bespoke supply of cases tailored to your individual needs via the USA.

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SKB 1SKB19 RSF2U Studio Flyer Portable Studio Rack
SKB Tools Case