Andrew Rackham

Managing Partner Andrew is a seasoned Engineer and Manager holding senior company appointments in the power and water sector. Former Director of Projects at Oman  Power & Water Procurement Company.  

Luisa Rita Rackham

Executive Director Luisa has over 30 years’ experience in building businesses & partnerships across a range of industries. She is the winner of “Young Entrepreneur”, awarded by the Portuguese Prime Minister.

SKB Cases

SKB Cases is a world-renowned company based in the US making injection mould, roto-mould, and vacuum form cases to the highest military and industry standards. SKB Cases excels in providing the ultimate protection for sensitive equipment including munitions and ammunitions, electronics, communications, drones, telecoms, personal equipment, field medical kits, server racks, maintenance tooling/FOD management, shadow boards, hunting guns,


VSAT are an established German company exploring novel and bespoke encrypted communication solutions. Their flagship drones have applications in surveillance, observation, security and education. Learn more at

Rhodium Incident Management

Rhodium Incident Management Suite provides a complete command and control solution allowing you to quickly consolidate information, coordinate assets, and act.  It is scalable for both day-to-day incidents and large scale multi-agency responses. The Rhodium software platform is compatible across various industries, such as law-enforcement, emergency services, schools, hospitals, and industrial facilities. The platform is

3B Protection

3B Protection

3B Protection offers bullet and blast resistant barriers made out of  proprietary concrete that is a unique and patented product. Barriers made out of the blast-proof concrete can be poured on-site or come in various size blocks, panels & barriers to allow for adaptation to customer needs. It is seismic and fire resistant. Learn more

The Will-Burt Company

 The Will-Burt Company, along with its subsidiaries GEROH and ITS, offer a broad selection of mobile telescopic masts, lattice towers and accessories to elevate a variety of critical payloads. Each family of elevation solutions is designed and manufactured with a unique set of characteristics tuned to optimize payload performance and meet the most stringent performance


Menska is a boutique recruitment firm specialized in the aviation sector. Menska works with corporate, SME, blue-chip, PLC, and start-up clients across Europe, United States, Eastern Asia and Africa. Al-Luar represents Menska in the Middle East.